10 Activities that sharpen your brain

10 Activities that sharpen your brain

Have you ever thought you are born with a set of intellect that is unchangeable? If yes, it’s a wrong concept because your brain is not made to be stagnant in thoughts; it is rather to bring newer ideas to be crystallized. Your intellect can be boosted to work more efficiently and become more creative; what it needs to be more workable and creative by dint of getting boosted and sharpened from time to time according to necessities or need of the hour. The more you challenge your brain to innovate or do logical things, the more you enable it to be creative and exploring new pathways for better functioning of mind. You just need to work out and motivate yourself to find out the solutions to the problems you face in different spheres of life, especially in your educational pursuits. Here are 10 specific activities that can sharpen your brain and can help you turn all oddities in your favour.

Here, 10 activities are described that work effectively to boost your brain and you can experiment them when you relax or take break from your studies or assigned tasks.


Sports is such an activity that keeps every part of your body agile and active. It helps you work better in groups. It increases blood circulation that enhances the ability of brain to function well. Playing sports is a physical exercise that stimulates the release of endorphins, which enhance the creation of new neural pathways in your brain, improving your power of reasoning and memory. Thus, sports keep you mentally alert and physically active. On the other hand, it helps you boost your confidence, capabilities, coordination and sense of responsibility.


You might have seen when babies keep crying despite having been fed and all good done to them, the last option for their moms remain to be singing lullaby that makes them sleep. What analgesic is it? It’s nothing but musical effect that calms them to slip into slumber. In fact, music deals with sound frequencies that impact our brain waves. It can arouse complex emotions and psychological states. According to research, listening to music or playing an instrument improves the capacity of human memory. It enhances the ability to focus and instills the sense of patience and perseverance. It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to pop, jazz, ghazals, thumri, or Bollywood melodies— all these will forge new neural pathways, while enhancing your cognitive and reasoning flairs. After all, what matters the most is how much you enjoy the music. If you enjoy it, you will be benefited.

You clean your brain if you produce art efficiently. Studies prove that your involvement in drawing, painting or other forms of art improves the way different brain parts interact with each other. When you engross yourself to creating art, you are not just functioning with motor skills and cognitive processing, but you are also experiencing a flow that is an immensely personal integrative experience. By involving yourself in art, your psychological resilience goes up and your stress level decreases. It can be possible just by visiting an art gallery. More often, seeing art makes you visualize many things where your brain works well.

Though traveling tires the travelers, yet many of them enjoy it. It’s a hobby for a large number of people, especially the youths and children. If you have regular short trips as excursion from your college, workplace or even from your families, it will keep your mind fresh and stress-free. Traveling is also a physical workout that improves circulation of blood to your brain, and also the new things that you learn that may range from a variety of food, clothes and site seeing. You chance to go through different cultures, languages and the lifestyles of various kinds of communities and people. All these work to develop your brain’s perceptive capabilities and improve its neural pathways. The more varieties you happen to see in manners and behaviors of human life in this world, the more the horizon of your thought widens and you become able to accept and process new things.

Video games

There are numerous options for those introverts who feel hesitated to step out of their homes. Such children do not want to go to playground or gyms, but they also need brain boosting and something to de-stress themselves. Hence, video games appear to be the most suitable option for such introverts. Some video games also equip the player with an understanding of history and social etiquette so that they can understand the way of life. One can enjoy playing video games and sharpen one’s brain but should never become an addict to it as excess of everything is bad.


Reading has ceaseless benefits. It not only acquaints you with new things and information but also helps you seek new ideas and explore various perspectives to produce the most desired results while endeavoring to improve your intellect. There is ocean of materials to read about. So whatsoever you read, it never goes useless. You read the things you like also the things that are contrary to your viewpoints as the reading of the things you dislike will also acknowledge you and help you to distinguish bad things from the good ones. Thus, the more you supply the challenges and problems to your brain, the more your brain will work by boosting itself.


If you think you do not write well, you should instantly shun this thought. You are not going to publish your writing in a newspaper, magazine or any publishing company right now. Just write whatever you think. It will not only help you concentrate by challenging your brain to take initiative but also boost your brain to continue even if you get tired. You can start even by writing your own diary, your daily routine and all that can bring improvement in your personality, in your society, in your country and even the planet you live. After writing your thoughts you can post it to social media as healthy writing is always appreciated by educated people.

Learning languages

In the opinion of the language researchers, a bilingual may solve puzzles more than those who know only one language. If you are trained to learn new language, you can make problem-solving, planning and management easier for you. Speaking more languages can revolutionize your brain in a way that you will be able to monitor your ambience and direct your focus on difficult task much easier.

Solving puzzles
Such activities as solving puzzles, riddles, Sudoku, board games, etc. stimulate your brain to come into action and stress it to exercise. While solving puzzles, the nerve cells respond in new ways that enhance neuroplasticity – the elasticity of neurons. With the change in neural pathways, you observe the things from a new perspective and become able to understand different points of view more easily. It is found that the people who have high neuroplasticity learn faster, memorize more and are less prone to worries and depression.

Meditation is one of the best ways of concentration. If you meditate regularly, you train your brain in a way that you can generate some kind of brain waves on command. Thus, it enables you to bring all your emotions in your control. It helps you shoot out all negative emotions thereby boosting your confidence and increasing your energy level.

After all, the point to ponder is that leaving your brain in passive mode will keep it irresponsive. So what you need to do is to stress your brain with different problems to solve, and then you will find your brain swing into action to find out the ways you are in need of. Your brain can only be boosted or sharpened if you keep it supplied with newer challenges besides doing the 10 activities described above.