Our Goal

We believe children deserve a scientific platform from a very early age in order to prepare their developing minds for 21st century learning.

21st century skills are not getting developed the way they should be. We are on a mission to revolutionize preschool education by consciously amalgamating STREAM into not just NCERT but international academic curricula as well.

We aim to include STREAM learning from childhood in order to help support the natural curiosity, creativity, leadership, innovative thinking, problem solving, team work etc. in very young children. The stronger the early foundation, the better is the personality of the child. Future starts early at Playbotics.

Our Story

Playbotics preschool is launched with the mantra of “hands on with technology”. We are the only STEM playschool in the country. We inculcate STEM learning from early childhood in order to help support 21st century skills such as creativity, leadership, innovative thinking, etc.