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We are the pioneers and the only playschool in the entire country that is based upon STEM TEACHING METHODOLOGY

As a company dedicated to the field of Stem Education, we have tie-ups with leading K-12 schools Pan-India where more than 10,000 students have been benefited from Stem training and the number is growing with each day. To know more about our company, click here. Our conglomeration of products and services are compiled on an interactive website where anybody can view or upload Stem content related to their age and interest. This selfless service, available to all without any joining fee brings the Stem educators and learners closer. You can be a part of this platform or know more about it by clicking here

With our day to day interaction with innumerable students, we concluded that children are naturally attracted to steam topics from an early stage and this is the right time to introduce these to them. When every child is different, why should the teaching pattern be the same for them? Hence, STEM should be made available in early childhood education as well. To know more about Stem Education, click here

Our methodology is such that every child is benefited from it. Our focus is not and would never be on rote-learning. Through Stem, we want the child to wonder, think, observe and never lose their natural inquisitiveness.

Our Unique Steam-based Educational material seem like toys to young children and learning automatically becomes play for them. Our one of its kind curriculum that prepares for 21st Century skills enable children to out-shine not just in knowledge but in personality as well!

Like many other schools, we do not hide our curriculum; it is easily available for you to see & understand for yourself and to find out its usefulness and importance for your little ones. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. We do impart knowledge since that is the sanctity of a nurturer. What we strive at is to train little minds to express their imagination more!  We make inquisitiveness a habit.