15 Tips on How Parents Can Help their Wards Do Well

15 Tips on How Parents Can Help their Wards Do Well

Home is the first school of a child. So naturally, parents are the first teachers of their kids as they play a paramount role in giving them the shape they want. The schools’ and the teachers’ roles in this regard have also been found to be of sterling worth as they understand in which way or how their children can be encouraged to proceed in pursuit of their education. So, a balance of education at home as well as at schools entails as a push factor behind moulding a student’s actual learning. Therefore, it is advisable for the parents to be a great source of help to your wards in their educational journey to reach their destination with least possibilities of obstacles. Now, the parents are provided with the following 15 tips to utilize that are proved desirably effective and result-oriented.

Have eyes on your child’s activities
It’s a matter of vital importance to oversee your child’s activities in school as well as home. In most of the students, their common habits speak about how they are in their studies and at school. So, from time-to-time when you feel, advise them for doing good things and exhort them to abstain from committing abnormal acts if you find so. Inspire them to be a good citizen appreciated for their good acts. Overall, you must keep a watch that your children should not go off the moral track.

Become a role model
When kids are at home, they mostly follow their parents— their lifestyle, their activities, their way of talking, their temperament that is revealed in different emotional outburst and so on. Thus, kids are easily inspired by what are done by their parents, especially while at home. So, it is incumbent upon the parents to develop the habit of study (if you do not have this habit), share the interesting facts learned by your studies with your kids. Be polite in behaviour and punctual in doing your daily routines. Try to prove by quoting some interesting things that school and studies merit vital importance in their life. Thus, your holistic moral wellness will attract your kids to follow you and become not only a good student but also a good human being.

Accompany them in their studies
It’s a call of the nature that everyone wants some company if the journey is tough and boring; and so are studies for many students. A number of them find their studies an arduous task that causes to develop boredom. But if this task is made interesting, it can be just the fun. So, better you read together with your kids. Find out in which subject your child gets bored or feel tough to continue reading. Just take that textbook, read it along with him/her and share your views with him/her telling that it is easy if you concentrate and devote time to it. Your reading together will encourage your kids to arise their interest in reading and doing all that pertains to it.

Avoid over-scheduling
Some parents keep most of the schedules for their kids’ sitting with books. Such over-scheduling must be avoided, otherwise your kids may develop monotony and even reluctance for study as busying them all the times with study makes them not only bored but physically and mentally tired also. The half of their day is spent in their school. It is added with the sessions of learning, memorising, and home assignment. So naturally, they need time to play and take rest to recharge themselves. So, apart from their schedule for studies, their schedules should also include playing, taking rest and having other refreshments.

Create a pleasant atmosphere
Parents must make sure that their children are breathing in peaceful and pleasant environment at home that is not only good from health perspective but also suitable from study point of view. Their study atmosphere should be absolutely free from any family squabble, recrimination and other tensions. If husband and wife are bent upon doing a vociferous arguments and fighting then do not do all this rubbish thing at lease in the presence of your kids.

Criticize them constructively
As said above, you must have your eyes on your kids. If you find them performing poor or taking studies as less important thing, you must interfere, giving them a constructive criticism and mending the faults soon. However, you must keep in mind that your words of criticism should not be too harsh to hurt them. Make them understand what is right and what is wrong for them in a cogent way.

Help them do their homework

Sometimes, the home assignments given to them are found very difficult and they need your help to accomplish them well. So, you may help them accomplish if you are able to do so. If not, take other’s help. But never let your kids down in this regard.

Help them prepare for exams

During exam time, do not leave your wards in seclusion with their lessons. Intervene them with your good guidance and fulfilling their needs. Before proceeding for exams, have their mini tests at home that will reduce their degree of tension and anxieties for exams. If you are good at any of the subjects in which they are weak, you can guide them well. If you are not good at that particular subject, take other’s help to guide your kids.

Must maintain a sound rapport with teachers

Attend all the parent teacher meetings and interaction sessions. Better maintain good rapport with your ward’s class teacher. Know from the teachers about your ward’s activities and performance. Let the teachers know how interested you are in regard of your ward’s education. It will keep the teachers be careful about your ward.

Rewards for doing well
Motivating your kids for studies merits paramount importance. If they do well in their studies or their results are good then you must give them some rewards which can be in any form. It gears up their spirit to do better every next time.

Schedule some educational outings
It is beneficial to go for some educational trips that can be in one’s vicinity and also far away from home. Visit such places as museum, zoos, and historical monuments that will help them increase their knowledge as they will experience what they have learnt so far.

Let them adopt fun ways to learn
You may opt for gamification in regard of your kids to adopt for home learning. Make use of travelling and playing time to memorise and revise the difficult aspect of lesson with some fun tricks. Perform fun quizzes and amicable debates at home.

Devote your time
It is one of the most important things that concerns with your kids’ studies and better upbringing that how much time you devote to them. Your company with them will keep them happy and recharged. Moreover, your being along with them will work for them as an answer book. They may ask any question from their studies and apart from their studies and you may help them solve if you know.

Inspire them for active learning
Here, active learning means the knowledge or answers gained while talking to parents, friends, classmates or anyone. Besides your classes or home studies, when you meet your friends, you may discuss all these things which will help you enhance your knowledge.

Be a good friend to your kids
This is one of the most important aspects to bridge the gap between you and your kids. Besides being a father or mother, try to be a good friend to your kids. Provide them room to share anything that comes to their mind and let them express themselves without any inhibition. Assure them that you will help them solve any problem they are facing. You may also share your life experiences that may be of their help in deciding what to adopt and what to avoid. But all these are only possible if they find you a good friend apart from being a good parent.