7 Vital Changes India Needs to Improve its Education System

7 Vital Changes India Needs to Improve its Education System

Are you satisfied with the pedagogy in your ward’s school? Do you see your ward’s future bright in the way education is imparted? How do you find syllabus and the pattern of education? Is the entire system of education alright in India? If such questions are put before the parents or guardians of the students in India, they will give varied response, because most of them do not know where the problems lie and how the education system be improved. Though the Indian government and educational institutions have been working to bring reformative changes to the existing education model, there still are some crucial issues which are required to be focused and revamped with immediate changes in education model. Keeping the current scenario of education model in view, there are required immediately at least 7 vital changes that can do the needful to India’s current education system.

Rote Learning
Despite making progress in course of time, we are yet to liberate ourselves from the old way of rote learning. Though International Baccalaureate (IB) schools are bringing the necessary changes in the education system at their level in this regard, yet having access to IB schools is not within everyone’s affordability. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the government to show its spontaneity in brushing rote learning aside from the schools at all levels. Instead, the schools should promote conceptual learning that restrains students from mugging up the taught lessons. It will help them not only comprehend the concepts better but also retain, recall and use them well.

Craze for Marks

Marks are made the gateway not only for having admission to reputed colleges and universities etc. but also in securing good jobs. Thus, marks persist to play the key card in deciding the future of the students and it always hits them as a burdensome hammer. The pressure of obtaining rich marks makes many students perform poorly. It is seen that a number of students remain unable to answer many questions and fail to explore some academic solutions despite scoring rich marks. Many of them are found to be bookworms banking upon rote learning but lacking in knowledge. Hence, rather than focusing the evaluation on a few hours’ exam, concentration of evaluation should be made on students’ participation in classroom, projects, communication and leadership skills and extra-curricular activities. And then only the students can perform their best and will also be evaluated best in their efforts.

Focusing one or two particular subjects only
Math, Science and Technology have been the subjects of first preference for everyone irrespective of interest of the students. There are students who have interest in subjects like languages, communications, arts, etc. but the parents pressurize their wards to go for science and math disciplines. Of course, the subjects like math and science have relatively better prospects, but everyone will do well in these subjects is not guaranteed. Moreover, it is often seen that those focusing only one or two subjects underperform in other subjects and thus, they not only score poor marks but remain unable to express themselves in many interviews. So such old and traditional thought must be shunned and instead, students’ interest and ability in subjects must be considered.

Well-trained Teachers
The concept of education is incomplete without teachers as they play the most crucial role in educational institutions. They help building the nation since they help in shaping the future of the children. Moreover, they care for the students just next to the parents. So if teachers are not trained well, the study of the students may collapse anytime. Therefore, the teachers appointed in schools must be well-trained who meet the requirement of modern education and syllabus without being inconvenient. While taking class, they must create an affable and homely atmosphere where the students can feel free to clear their doubts and which can also be observed in their manners.

Emphasis on Technology

India can compete with the world in technocrats but not in technologies. However, our endeavours are constantly on and we have seen good result as well. Technology and education system cannot be kept separated. Technology must be taught to the students right from the primary levels of education so that when they reach higher classes they should not find it like an alien entity. Hence, emphasis must be laid on adopting technology and education more liberally and disseminate the same to the students as it stands there where their future appears to be bright and fructuous.

Personalizing the Education
It’s important to be realized by the Indian education that every child doesn’t have equal grasping capacity. Therefore, it is not necessary that the same method and level of teaching for every student in the class can serve the purpose. Some students have faster pace of grasping while some have slow. It doesn’t mean that those slow in learning are dull students and cannot do well. So teachers are obliged to have a keen eye on watching each of their students. Of course, it not easily feasible for a single teacher to be attentive equally to each students, but schools can play an effective role by looking at the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbots etc. that will help equally to the teachers as well as students to meet their educational needs. If the schools provide the facility of learning through artificial intelligence and internet, the students can do much better by such personalized education.

Teaching them the objective of education

Learning and qualifying certain exams in our country are more commercialized than contemplated for inculcating the sense of in-depth morals of life, humanistic values and glorifying the nation’s name by making outstanding achievements in different faculties of education. The students need to be taught that life much beyond material wealth and success is not determined by money only. If the Indian education system adopts and keeps adhering to teaching these things, we can educationally progress to do the best in the world. So it is high time that we first understand and make our children understand the objective of education and its value in our life.