How can preschool curriculum be made the best?

How can preschool curriculum be made the best?

India never lacked flair to make feats in educational field as it’s been the country where a large number of students, at all levels, have proved their worth while studying in the vibes of oddities. Besides the oddities of various kinds, curriculum has also been based on old and decrepit pattern that is much difficult to follow than gaining anything of valuable. When the preschool curriculum in India is viewed in this perspective, it is yet to compete with those of the western countries. So far as science, math and other disciplines related to technologies are concerned, we are following almost the same pattern that has been traditional in our curriculum. But we must not ignore the fact that time is on gradual change with newer demand of methodologies and, that demand cannot be met until we move with the pace the world is progressing with. Hence, there is a dire need to bring a reformative change, especially in preschool curriculum.

If the preschool curriculum is made strong at par with international standard, definitely the roots of education will be nourished well to make the children capable of solving their problems more easily even at primary level. Furthermore in their higher studies, it will give them a robust thrust to flourish fabulously in educational domain. Western world in comparison to the Third world countries has been much ahead in this regard. For example, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) has recently been introduced in schools in India, while the US and other developed countries have already adopted it in their curriculum and they are doing well.

STEM can bring a reformative change in preschool curriculum
As described above, the concept of STEM is still in its initial stage in India. The enormity of thirst for education, especially in science and mathematics streams is increasing and simultaneously, requiring some effective novelties as well. And STEM can be the best present to quench such thirst. STEM integrates with these important disciplines making education fun for students. Here, making fun doesn’t mean taking the studies lightly, but taking them with enhanced interest and keenness to learn more and more in these subjects.

The role of My STEM to introduce STEM education in Preschool curriculum

Pursuant to make education more viable, more effective and more result-oriented, My STEM is ever agile to explore and apply the better ways that it has been making use of by suggesting and applying requisite pattern and methodologies. Its endeavors have been to get the schools benefited with STEM education. My STEM Box, which is a renowned firm, helps the preschools integrate STEM methodology into their curriculum through its Kinder Lab. It is viable through the use of an assortment of educational bots, 3D pens, educational mats, simple machines kit, and other necessary equipment. The Lab also has the books with a number of activities to bring this approach into effect.

Besides offering education to be pursued as fun, this approach helps in growing the skills meriting vital importance in 21st century. These skills comprise collaboration, creativity, critical thinking skills, and coding.