How to Build Happy Classrooms with Healthy School Atmosphere

How to Build Happy Classrooms with Healthy School Atmosphere

You can give your desired shape to soft and supple object due to its being flexible in trait. Children’s brains are also found to have such quality, especially when they are in early years of their childhood. These years are the most crucial phase of their life when their growth and development remain to be on faster pace. This is the period when the foundation of cognitive skills, soft skills, creativity, and the moral outlook is laid for best outcome. But to have such kind of fructuous outcomes, you need an input of joyous atmosphere at home as well as school. After all, besides your guidance at home, your ward’s school also plays a key role in their overall development.

Curriculum and activities foster positive classroom
For better performance of the children the pattern of education should be based in such a way as curriculum and activities must thrust towards fostering positive classrooms, child-centered learning, pleasant learning ambience, and hands-on learning. Children should be motivated to do well in education in a way that it must be joyful for them. And joyful education is based on incorporation of such activities that can motivate creativity, perseverance, and undoubtedly, learning.

Schools must work on a holistic curriculum model

Schools in India must work on a holistic curriculum model instilling the 21st-century skills in children. They can opt for CREST as the CBSE affiliated, Manav Rachna International School in Madhya Pradesh has done. MRIS believes in changing with the times and always trying to provide an advanced academic platform to its students. CREST is a very much engaging, integrated global studies curriculum for Classes I to V, i.e. specifically developed for MRIS. This has provided the students a new dimension enabling them to develop their concepts after thoroughly understanding the topic.

They should incorporate Clan System

For emotional, social and psychological enrichment, MRIS has incorporated Clan System, i.e. Life Skills Program that act as a fostering ground to the students for developing life skills. This program ensures the students’ hundred percent participation to enhance their confidence and independence, paving way to learning to initiate teamwork and giving regards to one another’s ideas.

Learning Center Approach and Multi-Sensory Approach
Early years, which also are reckoned to be the formative years of preschoolers, need an effective approach to move ahead. When studied thoroughly, it is found that Learning Center Approach and Multi-Sensory Approach are the keys to effective education in this phase of life. A well contemplated learning center is the right term to what the classrooms, labs, and various other learning centers are meant for at MRIS. In this tender phase of learning, the learning centers brings opportunities for hands-on effective learning, social interactions, solving genuine problem of life, fine and gross motor development, literacy and numeracy, and open-ended activities. These factors contribute to the overall development of students.

Safe and secure transport facility

Feeling danger, insecure and inconvenience while commuting to-and-fro schools affect the children badly. So schools must equip themselves to facilitate safe and secure transport facility so that students can commute without worries. The school buses should be GPS and CCTV enabled, and equipped with First Aid Facility and Fire Safety equipment.

Conducting Medical Check-up
Everywhere, preschoolers are taught ‘Health is wealth’. But least is done in this sphere. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all the schools to conduct routine medical checkup of their students by calling/hiring qualified doctors and medical team.

Edutainment and Edu-trips
More often than not, constant devotion to studies or doing assignments brings monotony, fatigue and boredom. So, to fine tune this ever-arising difficulty, such movies, plays, music, dance, etc. must be seen and enjoyed to refresh the minds. There are many movies that not only entertain the students but also enrich their knowledge galore. The students learn many things by watching such movies. Listening to music makes their burdensome thought and heavy-heartedness lighter and refreshing. Apart from it, students should be taken to trips—picnic, excursion, outing, etc. for their refreshment. While on Edu-trips, students come to know about many things that pertain to their subjects such as history, geography and science, etc.