Preschools: Why they are a necessity

Preschools: Why they are a necessity

As per W. Steven Barnett, an American Education Economist, “Children who attend high-quality preschool enter kindergarten with better per-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not.”

This is the reason preschools have become a necessity even in India. To shed light on how it is crucial for the kids, we have touched aspects.

Here we go…

Child’s curiosity gets nurtured

In a typical preschool session, a teacher asks numerous questions from the children. The goal is not to get the right answers. The focus is on making the kids more curious about things around them. The same way the children are encouraged to multiple questions. To foster curiosity, the teachers create activities that revolve around the interests of the participating children.

Transition to academic life gets smoother

Going to a new place with totally new people (teachers and other students) could be scary. We all have faced such a scenario while entering the academic face during childhood. This is where preschool appears as a savior. It’s the place where the kids feel most comfortable (after, of course, their home). After a year or more in such a place, going to a regular school doesn’t give them nightmares.

Their motor skills get developed

In simple words, motor skills are a set of actions that involves a baby using his muscles. The activities designed by preschool teachers are conducive to the development of motor skills of the children. The children work on different educational kits and use their muscles to participate in different activities. Such activities help in developing both types of motor skills: gross and fine. Gross motor skills involve movement of arms and legs, whereas fine motor skills include movement of fingers, wrists, etc.

Crucial for language skills

The best preschools are continuous learning environments with language being the centre of various sessions. The student learns to form sentences clearly and learn a plethora of new words and phrases. As a result, he/she is able to express the thoughts more clearly to the teachers, parents, and others.

Learning of new concepts in simplest manner

Did you know that even preschoolers can learn to code? This is possible without even using a computer. There are plenty of educational toys and robots that teach elementary coding. At this level, coding simply means giving a set of instructions to a bot to perform specific actions. Similarly, there are educational kits that the students about directions, basic geometry, alphabets, and other concepts that them about the world around them. The teaching methods, especially STEM approach, makes the learning so simple and effective that students love attending those sessions.

It is due to all these benefits that the parents from across India try to locate the best preschool for their kids. At Playbotics, we also blend modern teaching strategies and latest technological equipment to make early learning more enjoyable and effective. Connect with one of our educational counsellors to know more.