Searching for best preschool in India? Keep these tips in mind

Searching for best preschool in India? Keep these tips in mind

Isn’t it surprising that there were 33,000 preschools in India in 2015? This report by Franchise India also mentions that the number of preschools increases by 26 percent every year. There are indeed plenty of options for parents when it comes to choosing play schools for their kids. But sometimes, these choices can be overwhelming. You get confused on which is the right institution. After all, the foundation of learning is the most crucial step during academic life of your child.

So, what should be the criteria to choose the best preschool in India for your child? The following factors will help in the process:

Focus on 21st century skills
Hands-on learning
Use of technology
Learning through play
Safety of the child
Experience and qualification of teachers
Focus on cleanliness and health

Each of these factors is equally important. We haven’t ranked them as such. Keep reading the subsequent sections for details on each. How to analyze these factors is also mentioned in the final section.

Focus on 21st century skills

A set of skills that are considered necessary to be successful in this century are referred to as 21st century skills. Though the list of these skills may vary by the educational institution, the common ones include critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, leadership, and productivity. The importance of these skills during play-school years can be gauged from the fact that 90 percent of brain development happens before 5 years of age. If a parent or teacher is able to impart these skills successfully, he/she can be sure that their students can lead a more fruitful life. This is why you need to ensure that the preschool in India you are searching focuses on these skills.

Hands-on learning

When an individual acquires knowledge through practical experience of a concept, the process is known as hands-on learning. In simple words, it can be said as learning by doing. The children don’t experience boredom when indulged in hands-on learning. A lesson learned through this approach retains longer in mind. At a tender age of 3-5 years, this can be permanently etched in the mind. It is also conducive to critical thinking, one of the 21st century skills we have discussed above. If the preschool in India you have shortlisted emphasizes hands-on learning, you can consider it.

Use of technology

A modern educational institution uses technology at several levels. They rely on robots to teach a particular topic. Yes, the use of educational robots is gaining popularity even in Indian schools. For example, programmable floor robots like Beebot are used to teach direction sense, geometry, and even basic level coding. Several schools have educational mats through which concepts like neighbourhood, animal world, and fruits & vegetables are taught. The best preschools from India even use ICT products like Smart Sketcher to teach drawing. Check what your play school in India is offering. The use of projector to show educational videos for small kids is another way the institutions use technology.

Learning through play

Did you know that Albert Einstein credited his love for science to playing with compass during his childhood? Though the concept of learning through play has existed since the dawn of civilized society, the educators have realized its role in the recent years. Play is essential not just for the psychological development but also physical development. This ensures learning isn’t just a formal activity. The kids start to associate learning with something fun and not something dull, boring, or scary. A preschool in India taking this concept seriously can be considered reliable.

Safety of your child

The best preschools hire the staff only after proper background check. It is better to enroll him/her in a school that has CCTV surveillance. If the school uses tech toys and educational kits to teach, ensure they are completely safe for kids. Ask about emergency plan from the administrative staff. In fact, there should be a proper set of safety regulations for different areas, like classroom, playground, activities area, and the computer room.

The educators

The author Robert John Meehan was right when he said “Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.” Ensure the teachers in preschool love to teach. They shouldn’t simply consider it a job that pays money. Also, ensure the educators have specialization in teaching young kids and have reasonable experience. Ask the play school administration what is their approach to hire new teachers.

Well-structured assessments

A lot of you might feel that there isn’t any need to assess students when they are in preschool. Well, a properly structured assessment keeps a track of development of your school. Assessment doesn’t mean taking tests or exams in a conventional manner. It can be as simple as giving an educational kit with a set of instructions to test the cognitive and problem solving activities. Periodic assessments tells the teachers about the areas where more focus is required. As a result, the transition to kindergarten and regular school gets smoother.

STREAM-based curriculum

If you are aware of the latest educational trends, perhaps you have already heard about STEM. It is an interdisciplinary approach of teaching and learning in which science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are connected. The evolution of this approach resulted in integrating arts in the entire methodology. Recently, various educators have inserted Reading in the STEAM methodology, thereby turning it into STREAM. The purpose of doing so it to enhance reading skills and enhancing creativity. It’s a great thing if your preschool follows this integrated teaching approach.

Focus on hygiene and health

To ensure your child doesn’t get infected, check the educational institution has proper hygiene standards in place. Personal inspection of the facility is crucial for this purpose. Also, verify that they have a proper first aid kit and necessary medicines in case of any injury or minor ailments.

How to examine these factors

The very first step is to check their website. A reliable institution must have its own website featuring all the features and facilities. While doing online analysis, don’t forget to go through the online reviews. Simply Google the name of the preschool you are considering. There are high chances you will get reviews by other parents on their experience. Don’t ignore negative reviews. They tell you more about the quality of education than other factors. If you notice consistency in negative reviews, it’s time to consider other options.

The next step is visiting the educational facility in person. Check the features they have mentioned on the website yourself. Analyzing the hygiene and safety is most crucial.
These days, finest preschools in India have counselors to answer all your queries. Try to ask as many questions as possible. While listening, check how confidently a particular counselor is answering.

We wish you all the best in your quest to find the right place for the early learning of your child.