STREAM Preschools In India: A franchise opportunity you can’t ignore

STREAM Preschools In India: A franchise opportunity you can’t ignore

As per a recent market research report by Technavio, the preschool education market in India is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18 percent during 2020-2022. A similar report by Ken Research had estimated that the industry would touch the mark of 35,000 crores by 2022. The facts like these show that it is the best time to tap the potential of this growing market.

Starting your own Preschool in India from scratch could be a daunting task. You need to invest a lot in the form of research, marketing, and other crucial aspects. This is where the preschool franchise in India takes the stage. By becoming a franchisee of a renowned preschool brand, it’s possible to earn good revenues with a fraction of investment.

To further reduce the competition and secure better returns, you can go for specialized preschools. STREAM preschool in India is one such rising opportunity that could yield more than you have expected.

Let’s have an in-depth analysis of each benefit related to STREAM preschool and franchise business in India, in general.

Preschool is one of the fastest-growing sectors: Let’s understand the reasons behind the expansion of this industry in the last few years:

1. Working parents: Exponential increase in professional opportunities for women in the last few years has led to a growing number of working parents. These parents seek an excellent preschool/day-care facility for their children with all the necessary amenities and early learning opportunities.
2. Modern teaching methods: The advent of new teaching approaches that involve the use of technology and STEM teaching methods is also a key driver in the expansion of preschools across the country.
3. The increased spending power of habits: Did you know that Indian parents spend around 18,909 dollars (or about Rs. 12.22 lakhs) for a child’s overall education? This stat by HSBC highlights a major reason behind the growth of the preschool sector.

Now that we have talked about the scale-up of the industry, let’s put our focus specifically on STREAM preschool concept.

STREAM Preschool is a less competitive segment:
Before touching this point, let’s have a brief introduction of STREAM.
STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s an interdisciplinary approach that involves covering all these subjects through a single activity or lecture. The evolution of this teaching approach led to the addition of Arts as an integral subject, which gave it a new name: STEAM. The top educators from across the globe further realized the importance of integrating the Reading part, thereby making it a STREAM educational approach.
In India, STREAM is still in its infancy. You will hardly find any preschool that follows this methodology for teaching the kids. This means those who indulge in the business of STREAM preschool in India will have an early mover advantage.

Investment is less:
In spite of technological resources included in STREAM preschools, a franchisee needs to invest a nominal amount. There is no need to spend on research or marketing and advertising, as the parent organization takes care of all of these aspects. Compared to the potential of profits, the investments made on this venture is quite marginal.

Total control of your business:
Associating with a particular preschool brand doesn’t mean you have limited earning opportunities. Using your strategies, you can always expand your business. Modify the working style that precisely matches your goals and expectations.

Complete guidance:
A lot of business professionals get intimidated by the thought of venturing into a completely new domain of STREAM education. Even if you don’t have any prior experience in the education industry, you need not worry. The experts will guide you on each step, which includes remodeling the interiors, training of the educators, marketing and PR, and curriculum design. The franchisor just requires proper space and monetary investment from your end. Everything is taken care of on your behalf.

In the subsequent sections, we have explained how associating with Playbotics for Preschool franchise in India comes with multiple benefits:-

Maximum utilization of space through evening classes:
A traditional preschool is unable to utilize its available space, as it remains abandoned in the evening or during the weekends. As a part of the Playbotics Preschool initiative, we offer an opportunity to utilize the preschool area for evening and weekend classes. We provide an additional kit and offer training on how different sessions on technologies like robotics, drones, and 3D printing could be conducted. And, the classes aren’t limited to primary grades. The team offers guidance on designing lessons that are suitable for students even in middle and senior grades.

Training by industry experts:
The experts from Preschool will ensure the preschool educators in the franchise become well-versed with STREAM methodology. The training involves:

  • Introduction to the educational kits and resources
  • Construction and working of models
  • Connecting of the STREAM concepts with daily life examples
  • Assessments to ensure the trainers are ready for conducting classes

Apart from teacher training, our counsellors will also offer training on marketing and PR skills to convert enquiries into confirmed admissions.

Latest educational resources and kits: What separates Playbotics from other preschools franchises in India is the utilization of the latest educational resources and equipment that revolve around STREAM education. Our technocrats and educationalists have shortlisted the best resources after years of research across the globe. Each franchisee receives all these kits and tech resources to impart the finest possible education to the students during their early years.

Complete course material at a macro and micro level: The franchisee will receive comprehensive support when it comes to the course and curriculum. This includes a well-structured curriculum, structure of the classes, along with the workbooks. Every aspect of the curriculum is broken down to a micro level to ensure that the franchisee doesn’t have to put in any effort for planning sessions daily.

24×7 support: The team at Playbotics understands that the franchisee might face challenges at different levels: technology, training, and business. They can contact the team at any time of the day to get the appropriate support.

Dedicated microsite: Each franchisee gets a dedicated microsite on the Playbotics website. This means they can manage the information and performance of their students online. Using the login credentials, the parents can view the performance of their child. The classroom activities, events, and celebrations can be added to this microsite with a unique URL. Playbotics also offers corporate email ID to each franchisee.

To apply for a STREAM preschool in your area, connect with one of our representatives today using the following details: